Our Services


Bond Registrations

Our practice offers a fast and reliable mortgage bond registration service, our turnaround time is normally 3 days when all the documents are available.

Corporate Secretarial Services

We focus on advising on the current legislation relating to the law of banking and negotiable instruments as well as any changes in the law .We assist in the drafting of commercial agreements from within the bank and also with its outside service providers and customers.

Debt Collection(foreclosures)

We recover all bad debts on behalf of financial institutions. We guarantee a short turn around in our debt collection service and our efficiency is dependent though on the solvency of the debtor as well as his guarantors and available securities as well as the efficiency of Court officials.



Civil litigation

Drafting pleadings Conducting civil trials which include family law, tenancy law, contract law, property law, company law amongst other areas at law.

Criminal Litigation

Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms such as negotiations, mediation, bargaining, conciliation and arbitration. Representation at pleading stage and at trial stage Matrimonial matters consultancy Litigation generally.

Labour law

Our major practice areas include; Industrial relations advisory which includes drafting of codes of conduct, employment contracts, retrenchments as well as Dispute resolution which starts from disciplinary hearings at company stage, conciliation, arbitration, labour court adjudication and up to the supreme court.


We are guided by the Law Society tariff which states that our fees should be based on time spent on the job, the complexity of the matter, expertise required and the importance of the matter to the client. The tariff is available at our offices should you require any further information.